How to place a bet

This is a simple walkthrough on how to place your bet on a event. Let's get right into it.

An event is a question with two possible answers: YES or NO, and bettors are going to pick the one they think is right and place their bet on it.

From the home page you see the list of events available for betting, which we call OPEN events, in the middle column of the page (highlighed in the image below).

Bet event list

Click on a event from the list to enter its page, which looks like this:

A bet event has a title, description, open date and close date

On that page you can see the full description on what the event is about, i.e. what are the exact conditions that must happen in the future in order for the outcome to be YES, and you see also the bets placed so far by others.

If you scroll down beyond the placed bet list, you will see a Winning Calculator, which we will use to estimate how much we can win for our bet.

Parimutuel bet winning calculator

Always play a bit with the Winning Calculator to know in advance what is going to be your return before sending your coins for a bet.

You may ask: are there fixed odds like in other bookies? No, we don't have traditional odds fixed by the house. In fact, you are playing against other players, and you are going to win the amount bet by your opponents ( this is called mutual betting, or Parimutuel ). So the odds vary dynamically depending on the bets placed by others in the past and in the future, so it's impossible to accurately calculate a fixed odds value, but just an estimate. At this point it is not necessary to fully understand how it works under the hood, but if you really want , check out our Parimutuel winning scheme explanation.

Now, decide what outcome you want to bet on: YES or NO, and scroll down to bet on it.

A bet event can have 2 outcomes: YES or NO

From the "Place your bet" section, you have to fill this information:

- The coin currency you want to use for placing your bet

- Your coin address, in that currency, to which you want to receive the winnings from us

At this point, click on YES or NO to pick your choice, then you will be asked to send us the coins you intend to bet. You should send the coins to the address that appears to you on page right after you picked YES or NO. In the image below you see just an example, the coin address will be different in your case.

To confirm your bet, send your cryptocurrency coins to your unique one-time deposit address

When we receive your coins to the indicated address, your bet is complete. That deposit address is uniquely tied to your bet and your personal coin address you specified for receiving back your winnings; so when we detect your transaction on that deposit address, we know that you sent those coins for the bet you just opened and we know where to send your eventual winnings.

That's about it! If you have any questions, feel free to contact us from the Help section or post an anonymous user comment in the bet event page.