How to create a bet event

The idea we had was to let people bet against each other, on what they want. This is not limited to choosing among predetermined bet event lists, like sports matches proposed by bookmakers, in that we let users create their bet events by themselves; the events you can submit are not limited to sports betting, but also political bets, finance and trading related bets, Bitcoin-related bets, and more. Want to try? Enter the Create Event section from the top menu:

Create your own bet event

You will be asked to fill this information about the event:

  • TitleThe event title: this must be a question that can be answered in the future, and the answer can be only YES or NO. Example: Will the gold price be higher than $50,000 per Kg this year? We only accept events where the probability of either answer is not null nor highly unlikely, as in that case no punter would be interested in participating.
  • DescriptionGenerally it is sufficient to specify with further details what it is expected to happen in order for the answer to be YES. If the question is about trading or stock markets, for example, indicate a reliable and unbiased external source that will provide the reference price for the asset in question. If the event is about a sports match, indicate if the expected result should be established within the regular time or total time, the eventual handicap or margin, etc.
  • Start and expirationThe start date and time, which is the moment when you want the website to begin accepting bets, and the expiration date and time, which is the moment when no more bets will be accepted. For a sports match, the expiration of the event should be at the match start, so that the punters cannot play after the match has already begun.

You may ask: how can i define the event odds? You can't. Odds are calculated dynamically , based on the bets already made by other people. A winning calculator is available on the site, to let players simulate a bet and have an estimate on the potential return. Learn more about our mutual betting odds calculation, if you want to have a deep understanding (that is not required to be able to play, though).

When you are ready, push the Create Event button on the bottom to confirm. After then, our staff will review your request, and if the event is accepted it will be published on the public list on the home page, so that everyone will be able to place their bets on it.