Bet event on the price of Bitcoin on Easter 2018

After the big Bitcoin dump of Christmas 2017, the price is floating around $8000 and $10000 these weeks, but the atmosphere in the crypto communities seems to indicate that the mass of average users is gaining faith in Bitcoin again. They are buying back little by little, so that the price will be recovering slowly. Now we are facing a psychological barrier at around $12500 that seems tough to overcome, but once we get past that, it's very likely that the price will exceed $15000 quickly.

Everybody agrees that sooner or later it will happen, and many traders predict it will do around the end of March 2018. Want to gamble on it? Today we have a new bet event on Bitcoin Price: will BTC be worth $15k or more at the day of Easter 2018? If you feel good at predictions, make your choice on Yes or No against opponent punters.

We really hope these stale months are coming to an end, but in the mean time we can have fun gambling on it.