Anonymous and no-registration betting

One of the most obnoxious aspects of the bookmakers, is that they require you to send a scan of your documents and your picture for person identity verification. And that is less accepted in these times of privacy scandals, not only because people today is less happy with giving their personal information online, but also they prefer not to share their financial transaction history with the tax authorities. The latter problem is there if you win money with your bets: the government may be aware of your income from betting as you provided the bookmaker with your documents, which in turn may pass them your info on request.

That's why no-registration betting is becoming more and more popular, and we have decided to follow this trend. We let you place your bets without asking any login nor doc verification, and your money transaction can be anonymous too, as the bets we accept can only be done with an untraceable way of payment: cryptocurrencies.

Well, someone may argue that most cryptocurrencies, by default, are not anonymous. But still, it is easy to setup your wallet to make your coins anonymous: just force the wallet to connect to the blockchain via the TOR network, by enabling the "Connect through SOCKS proxy" option of the Network settings. In the image below you can see how it can be achieved with the official Bitcoin client, but many altcoins too have the same option. Note: for this option to work, the TOR browser must be running too.

If you want to learn how to use our bookie, check out our cryptocurrency betting tutorials.